Ghiro’s web application is composed by several parts to organize information and analysis data.


This is the summary of all Ghiro activities, here you can figure what is going on, which are the last cases and analysis, and take a look to analysis trend.


Image analysis are grouped in cases. Different users and permissions can be assigned to each case. You can upload images via an upload in many ways:

  • You can add some images using your browser using the “Add image” method
  • You can add an image from an URL using the “Add URL” method
  • You can add images from a folder in Ghiro’s server giving his path with the “Add folder” method
  • You can add images from a folder in Ghiro’s server via command line


Here you can see all image analysis in the system (all images you have permission to see).


Sometimes hash lists are used to search and match a special kind of images you already have an hash. A text file with a list, one per line, of image’s hashes can be loaded in Ghiro with a label and a description. If Ghiro detects an image with an hash matching your hash list, it will trigger a signature and warn you.


In Ghiro’s administration panel you can:

  • Administer all Ghiro’s users
  • See user’s activity log
  • Check for required dependencies